The Old Crown, Digbeth - A Birmingham Gem!

The Old Crown is believed to be one of the oldest buildings, if not the oldest, in Birmingham, with a history dating back to 1450. It is a must visit for followers of history and architecture.

The building is thought to have been originally built as the Guidhall and School of St.John Deritend.  The earliest evidence of it being used as an Inn is from 1626 and many battles were fought around the building during the English Civil War.

In 1851 and again in 1856 and 1862, the building was fortunately saved from demolition by Joshua Toulmin Smith.  In 1991, a local pub company owned by the Brennan family bought the old Crown and it was restored to its former glory.  

The building has a black and white timber frame.  It has a courtyard to the rear which contains an old well opened up after more than 100 years.  





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