Harborne Hall - A Birmingham & West Midlands Gem!

Harborne Hall is a gem of a Birmingham building, located in old Harborne Village on Old Church Road, near St Peter's Church. Dates to at least 1800. But was added to over the years.

Where is Harborne Hall?

Harborne Hall Apartments at 8 Old Church Road, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 0BE


In brief

The original house at Harborne Hall dates to circa 1800. It has a Tuscan porch. Added to in 1830 by Rickman & Hutchinson for George Simcox. Alterations and extensions in 1884 by Martin & Chamberlain for Walter Chamberlain (brother of Joseph Chamberlain). A long residential block dates to 1956-58. Later Convent extensions by Hollins, Jones & Oldcare in 1963. At one point was called Harborne Hall Hotel, now Harborne Hall Apartments and is student accommodation now.

Harborne HallHarborne Hall (February 2024). Photography by Elliott Brown


Harborne HallHarborne Hall (November 2018). Photography by Elliott Brown


The Lodge

At the corner of Grove Lane and Old Church Road is the Lodge to Harborne Hall. It was built in 1890 by Martin & Chamberlain. It has huge chamfered gatepiers. Opposite Grove Park.

Harborne Hall LodgeHarborne Hall (March 2022). Photography by Elliott Brown

Project dates

19 Feb 2024 - On-going


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