Birmingham - A wonderful city with a great mix of amazing historic buildings

Here, through features, galleries, maps and tours, we'd like to introduce you to some of the wonderful historic builds and architecture on show in and across Birmingham. 

History is a passion of Birmingham We Are.  Here we introduce you to some of the city's amazing historic builds. Take the links to find out more about the buildsings we feature. Enjoy!

The Museum and Art Gallery

2020 - Daniel Sturley


Birmingham Town Hall

2020 - Daniel Sturley


Birmingham City Council House

2020 - Daniel Sturley


Baskerville House in Centenary Square

2020 - Daniel Sturley


The Municipal Bank Building (now 3 Centenary Square)

2020 - Daniel Sturley


The World War One Hall of Memory in Centenary Square

2020 - Daniel Sturley


Victoria Square House

2020 - Daniel Sturley


St Phillip's Cathedral

2020 - Daniel Sturley


St Chad's Cathedral at Snow Hill


Birmingham School of Art in Margaret Street

2020 - Daniel Sturley


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